What it’s Like To Own a Siamese Cat

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When looking for a feline companion to add to your family, you might be asking yourself what cat breed or cat personality would fit your personality and your home.

Siamese cats are popular with people who are looking for a purebred cat. While they are an awesome choice, they also come with specific needs.

So, what is it like to own a Siamese cat?

Owning a Siamese cat is comparable with owning a dog in terms of maintenance and time investment. This breed is social, loving, smart, and playful but they are not as independent as most other cat breeds. Siamese cats require a lot of love and attention from their owner or family. When left alone for long periods of time, Siamese cats can get depressed.

While the Siamese is a distinctly intelligent and playful breed of cat, specific traits set them apart, and owning a Siamese isn’t always as simple as you might think.

If you’re planning to bring a Siamese cat home, here are a few things you want to keep in mind.

Get used to being followed

The Siamese loves to follow its owners around the house, no matter what they’re up to. You can be doing the dishes, and your Siamese will perch itself next to the sink, watching your every move.

While this can be endearing to most people, some owners may find it a bit clingy.

This cat likes to be around, so your Siamese might decide to follow you into the bathroom, the laundry room, and the bedroom.

And while this behavior on its own may be manageable, remember that the Siamese is a highly talkative breed. They love to offer their opinion on everything you’re doing, and you can bet on some non-stop meowing while you rearrange the furniture or sit down to sink into a good book.

For some of us, the constant meowing can be pretty distracting. So unless you’re alright with this behavior or theirs, avoid getting a Siamese.

siamese kitten
Siamese cats are interested in everything you do.

Spend more time at home

Probably one of the most endearing aspects of the Siamese is their need for frequent social interaction.

This breed detests spending too much time alone and loves being around its owners and engaging in regular banter.

Therefore, if you have a Siamese, be prepared to spend a lot of time at home with your cat.

Without a companion to vibe with, the Siamese can quickly get depressed and begin to act out. You may start noticing scratched-up furniture or torn curtains if you leave your Siamese alone for too long.

So if you work at an office or generally leave the house a lot, it’s best to avoid getting a Siamese as your cat is sure to feel sad often.

If you’ve got other family members at home, then getting a Siamese might still be a feasible idea.

You can also consider getting another pet to keep your Siamese company when you leave. Your cat is likely to stay happy if it has a companion at home to spend time with when you’re out and about.

Siamese cats get along easily with other pets, cats, and even dogs.

Play time is essential

As mentioned, Siamese cats prefer frequent interactions with their human companions and require a lot of stimulation to stay happy.

While you won’t have to keep them entertained all the time, it’s essential to set aside at least half an hour every day to play with your cat.

Although all cats like attention and play time, for SIamese cats it is essential

This playtime can be split into fifteen-minute play sessions twice a day. And if your cat learns to play fetch, you won’t need to invent a new game like you usually have to with most other cats.

However, it’s crucial to mention that the Siamese can also entertain itself in the right environment (provided it has enough toys to play with). So consider investing in plenty of different items/toys that can drive your cat into a frenzy so you can take a rest while it plays.

However, even with a wide assortment of toys, you will still have to dedicate personal time to keep them happy and satisfied.

Grooming can be kept to a minimum

The Siamese is a short-haired cat that sheds very little compared to other breeds with longer fur. Additionally, these cats are excellent groomers and spend most of their time cleaning different areas of their bodies.

Therefore, you won’t need to bathe these cats as often as most other breeds. Moreover, considering their high intelligence, you can quickly teach them to respond positively to specific grooming procedures.

For example, clipping the nails of a Siamese is a lot easier if they first experience it at a young age.

As mentioned, these cats are quick learners, and once they realize they’re safe in your hands, they won’t throw much of a fuss. In fact, most may even enjoy the extra attention.

If you do decide to give your Siamese cat a bath, have a look at our article here: How to bathe a Siamese cat.

Hugs and kisses all day long

The Siamese is a super loyal cat and something cat owners love to see in their feline friends. In fact, most cat owners detest when their cats get too friendly with outsiders. As such, proud cat parents will love having a Siamese at home thanks to their unwavering loyalty.

Aside from following you around the house, this breed loves to be cuddled, and most of these cats are open to receiving affection at any time of the day.

In fact, most Siamese cats demand affection from their owners. If you bring one home, you’re sure to quickly figure out the exact sound it makes when demanding your attention.

When a Siamese cat is not the right choice for you

While its high intelligence can be an attractive quality, owning a Siamese cat requires some adjustments and a particular lifestyle. If you’re planning to bring home a Siamese, avoid doing so in the following instances.

  • When you spend a lot of time outside the house. Siamese cats love socializing and being around their owners and can quickly get depressed and sad when left alone.
  • If you can’t handle constant meowing. As mentioned, these cats are very vocal, so only consider getting one if you can tolerate the continuous communication.
  • If you can’t spend time playing. This cat breed requires plenty of stimulation to stay motivated and happy, and their need for physical activity demands frequent play.

Our final thoughts

While it can be exciting to own a Siamese cat, ensuring your cat’s happiness is imperative. So if you can’t provide the kind of home that will foster the growth and joy of a Siamese, it’s best to bring home another breed instead.

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