How Much Do Siamese Cats Cost? – Lifetime Expenses

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So, you’re considering or have decided on purchasing or adopting a Siamese cat, and you’re wondering how much do Siamese cats cost? 

Siamese cats can cost anywhere from $400 to more than $2,500. The exact cost will depend on several factors such as their age, health, bloodline, and where you adopt your new Siamese cat from. The ongoing monthly expenses range from $50 to $200.

There are many places to purchase or adopt a Siamese cat, and your choice will largely depend on how much you are willing to pay for your new family member.

This article will look at how much a Siamese cat costs, from purchase to setup and ongoing monthly expenses.

How Much Does it Cost to Adopt or Purchase a Siamese Cat?

If you’re looking to purchase or adopt a Siamese cat as your new feline friend, you might be surprised that these little kitties can cost up to $2,500 or more.

Many factors will determine how much your new Siamese kitty will cost you, with the most critical factor being where you get your new kitty from. However, the other determining factors include: 

  • Age
  • Color
  • Championship status
  • Demand

No matter where you decide to purchase your cat, get all the proper paperwork, certificates, and health records related to your new furry friend. 

Before getting a Siamese cat, consider these needs.

Purchasing your Siamese – The Location

As they say in real estate, it’s all about the location. This is, to a certain degree, also true for the location from where you get your cat.

There are plenty of places to get cats, even purebred cats, for free. This may seem like the best choice, but most of the time, it’s not.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the breeders who sell Siamese cats for up to $2,500 and beyond. In between those options, we find the shelters and rescues.

What option is best for you depends on your requirements, and we’ll dive into the details below.

Free cats

Free cats usually come from situations where an accidental litter occurred, or they need the cat out of the home quickly.

In those cases, you would need to take on the initial cost of vaccinations and spaying/neutering, which is almost always included when getting a cat from a shelter, adoption center, or breeder.

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a “free” animal, so be wary of those offers unless you know the individual well. Don’t, for obvious reasons, get cats from craigslist or similar obscure sources but more about that later.

Cats that are given away for free often come with health issues, now or in the long run. You could easily spend more on vet bills in the first week of ownership than you would when picking up a health-certified Siamese Cat from a shelter or breeder.


When it comes to cost, you can expect to pay anywhere from as little as $200 to up to $2,500.

Kittens typically cost you less ($250-600), while adult, full-blooded cats will cost you significantly more ($400 and upwards).

This seems like a lot of money and objectively speaking, it is.

On the other hand, you must consider that these are purebred animals with all the paperwork. The breeders spend considerable time and effort in breeding and raising the cats and keeping them healthy.

The cost usually covers the following items

  • Pedigree
  • Genetic testing and health testing (for parents)
  • Health records (vaccines and deworming)
  • Usual care (high-quality food and enrichment)

Also, if the Siamese cat has championship parents, the price can significantly increase.

Another factor that sometimes influences the prices is the color point of the Siamese cat. Generally, Seal point Siamese are slightly cheaper (kittens $250-600, adults $400–$800), but this could also depend on simple supply and demand at that particular breeder.

Crossbred SIamese cats like the Lynx Point Siamese are also generally less expensive.

how much does a siamese cat cost - siamese cat at vet
A cat from a breeder will have had all its health checks.

How to select a good breeder?

Many will argue that the best place to buy a Siamese kitten is from a breeder. Make sure you choose a reputable breeder, and you do your research beforehand.

Of course, you will want to ensure that your breeder is reputable and ethical. Also, you’ll want to avoid breeders that offer inbred kittens or where cats and kittens are kept in bad environments.

You’ll also want to ensure that the kittens have received the proper care from the breeder and all appropriate veterinarian visits. 

Generally, the best way to pick the better breeders is to read the reviews online (from other sources than the breeder’s own website), Verify their registration status through CFA or TICA. Ask the breeder if you’re allowed to see their facility. If they refuse, this can be a red flag.

Shelters and Humane Society

Adopting from shelters or the humane society costs much less than adopting from a breeder. These cats have often been abandoned and desperately need a home.

Since shelters and humane societies can become overcrowded rather quickly and are typically not commercial enterprises looking to make a profit, their prices are much more affordable.

Adopting your new feline companion from one of these places would typically cost around $75-$100.

However, like with breeders, the price you can expect to pay will depend on where you adopt your new kitty from. Still, you can be sure to spend a lot less when adopting.  

The cost of adoption covers veterinarian care, housing, and food. Cats from shelters receive their recommended vaccinations, are spayed or neutered, dewormed, and are often microchipped.

So, considering everything you’re getting, the $75-$100 price doesn’t seem so bad. Shelters and rescues often do not supply paperwork, such as breed registrations. If that’s important to you, then an official breeder is your only option.

siamese kitten in a blanket
Shelters often offer cats who are in desperate need of a loving home.


Rescues are a great place to look when considering adopting a new furry family member. For rescues, many of the same points as discussed for shelters apply. There are breed-focused shelters which are definitely a good option.

Often, these rescues will have promotions that discount the price of the cats they have up for adoption. On average, it costs around $100 to adopt from a rescue. 


Craigslist is where people can post advertisements ranging from jobs, housing, items for sale, and more. Selling animals on Craigslist is prohibited, but that doesn’t stop people from advertising their beloved pets “free to good home” or with a small rehoming fee. 

Purchasing a Siamese cat from Craigslist comes with its own set of risks and dangers. For example, you won’t know for sure what condition the cat was kept in, if it’s inbred, what health issues it may have, etc. 

However, getting a Siamese cat from Craigslist is relatively cheap due to a person’s inability to actually sell animals and instead only ask for a small rehoming fee. You can expect to pay less than $100 if you can find a Siamese cat on Craigslist. 

Generally, we would advise staying away from these offers simply because of the risk of literally buying “a cat in the bag” (pun intended 🙂 )

Additional Costs 

The money you spend on your new Siamese cat doesn’t just end with purchase or adoption. You can expect to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars throughout your cat’s lifetime.

You’ll have to consider all the veterinarian costs, food, treats, toys, litter, and other supplies your cat needs during its lifetime.

There’s also optional pet insurance that you can purchase that can influence the overall cost of your new kitty but may save you money in the long run if your cat needs extensive medical care. 

Sadly, people often underestimate the ongoing costs of a cat or any pet, for that matter. Many pets are therefore abandoned or neglected if their owners don’t have the financial resources to care for them.

We have listed a few costs to keep in mind to help you budget and prepare for your Siamese cat.

10 Things every cat needs.

Initial Siamese Cat Costs

Before you bring your new Siamese Cat home, you must have certain supplies ready for their care and enrichment.

You need at least 2 litter boxes (sponsored) for a single cat, and each can cost as much as $20 to $50 (sometimes more).

High-quality cat litter (sponsored) costs about $20 to $30 per bag or box. You may also need to purchase a litter training aid like CatAttract (sponsored) to help your new cat adjust to your home, and this is a one-time cost of $30.

The cost of cat food ranges depending on what you choose.

Your breeder should provide recommendations and give you enough food to transition. Most cats do best on wet food, but this is also the most expensive. Whether you’re feeding wet or dry, a high protein option with meat as the first ingredient costs anywhere from $20 to $50.

Other supplies to pick up beforehand include:

  • Cat toys (sponsored) – $10 to $7
  • Cat tree (sponsored) – $20 to $100 (depending on size)
  • Cat bed (sponsored) – $20+
  • Brush (sponsored) – $10
  • Treats (sponsored) – $10+

Some of these become recurring costs, but your initial purchase can last a few months if you buy in bulk.

siamese kitten on a pile of money
Cats are not cheap but are still a lot cheaper than dogs.

Initial Health Costs

When you get a cat from a shelter or a breeder, you should not need to invest as much in your cat’s health.

While introducing your new Siamese Cat to your veterinarian is a good idea, there is a difference between an assessment and a full-blown exam.

Initial health costs range from $50 to $300 to include:

If your cat or kitten is not fixed yet, a responsible owner is on the hook for another $75 to $200 for a spay or neuter.

Pet insurance can help offset these costs but comes with a monthly commitment. The right insurance policy will pay off in the end by covering wellness visits, emergency expenses, and any health conditions that develop throughout your cat’s life.

Recurring Siamese Cat Cost

Owning a cat is not a one-time investment, and you’ll need to keep up with payment for:

  • Food – $20 to $50 per month
  • Pet Insurance – $15 to $30 per month
  • Litter – $20 to $30 per month
  • Enrichment – $20 per month (easily done with a subscription box)
  • Medication (depends on need)

You can cut down on these costs by buying in bulk or making your own toys and enrichment scenarios.

Random Siamese Cat Costs

Other costs for your Siamese Cat include emergencies, behavioral training, and pet sitters.

You’re never sure when you’ll need to address an emergency health concern or a behavioral issue that pops up.

Cat insurance helps quite a bit with emergency vet visits; some policies may cover behavioral assessments and medication.

A cat trainer will help you address any concerns you have regarding behavior, but they aren’t cheap.

You’re also likely to go on vacation at least once in your cat’s life. Unless you’re planning on taking them with you (which poses several risks), a good pet sitter can cost $30+ per night.

Conclusion and totals


Purchasing a Siamese cat isn’t cheap and can cost anywhere from $400 to $2,500, depending on where you buy them from.

Initial setup

These are the cost you generally make to get the things your cat needs but they would be one-time purchases.

Examples are litterbox, initial health check-up, toys, cat bed, carrier, scratching post, food bowls, and grooming utilities. These will run you anywhere from $150 – $400.

Ongoing monthly expenses

These mainly depend on how luxurious of a life you want to provide for your cat and the health of your Siamese cat (often depending on their age).

Think about cat food, treats, litter, pet insurance, and impromptu vet visits.

As a rule of thumb, we’d budget the ongoing monthly cost for a (Siamese) cat at around $50-200.

No matter how cute and independent they seem, Cats are not cheap and definitely something to budget for.

Lifetime cost estimation

Based on the average lifetime of a cat (12-15 years), the estimated lifetime cost for a cat is anywhere between $13,625 to $17,510 (source).

On the other hand, cat ownership is much cheaper than owning a dog.

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