Are Siamese Cats Smarter Than Other Cats?

black and silver siamese cat

Cats and humans go way back, and their respective high intelligence levels might have contributed to why the species developed such a strong bond over time. 

While most cats can remember faces, solve puzzles, and keep track of their meal times, some cat breeds display higher situational awareness than others. 

One such breed is the Siamese.

Siamese cats are thought to be smarter than most other cat breeds. Siamese cat owners have claimed that their pets can communicate with them, understand and follow simple commands, and even learn to play fetch.

Now, there’s no hard evidence that the Siamese are more intelligent than the average house cat. However, in this article, I’ll explore the possible reasons why so many Siamese cat owners believe their pets to be more intelligent than most other cat breeds.

Signs that Siamese cats are smarter

The blue-eyed Siamese behaves just like any other house cat; at first glance, most people won’t notice anything different. However, quite a few characteristic features set a Siamese apart.

Siamese cats are quick learners and it’s easy to teach them to perform tasks or tricks

Extremely talkative

Siamese cats are pretty talkative creatures, and many owners can attest to having long conversations (using complete sentences, mind you!) with their Siamese. 

This breed spends plenty of time studying its human companions and employs various vocal antics to communicate specific messages.

In fact, Siamese owners claim that their cats make different noises for when they’re hungry, want to play, and are affectionate.

Additionally, the Siamese is an ancient cat breed and has been living with humans for years. As a result, they’ve developed an understanding of our species that most other breeds haven’t. 

Their long companionship with humans has allowed them to figure out unique ways of communicating with us.

Highly inquisitive

They say curiosity killed the cat, but I say inquisitiveness is what taught cats to open a jar of treats on their own. And if there’s one breed that takes the cake for being inquisitive, it’s the Siamese.

Now, being curious may not seem like a sign of intelligence, but it’s unlikely that a dull, uninterested cat possesses the kind of intelligence we’re talking about here. 

Siamese cats are known to inspect boxes, cabinets, and cupboards and rummage through them when their owners aren’t looking. 

They are also quick to figure out how to open windows and cabinet doors, so be sure to get a pet lock if necessary!

Moreover, perhaps one of the most obvious signs of high intelligence is that these cats can quickly use what they previously learned and apply it to new situations in life. 

For example, if a Siamese learns to open a cupboard in your house and you bring home a similar type of cupboard a few days later, your cat will quickly learn to open the new one as well.

blue point siamese cat
Siamese cats are very social and will easily get along with other pets in the household

Quick learners

Aside from understanding their owners’ intentions, Siamese cats are apt at learning tricks. You can teach them to walk on a leash or play fetch

You can get your Siamese to perform all kinds of tricks and actions as long as you take them through a training process. But be careful, because your cat will end up training you instead!

The Siamese will also quickly learn your habits and adapt to them accordingly. 

So, for example, if you like reading the newspaper at a specific hour, you may find your Siamese curled up next to your favorite chair, waiting to spend some quality time with you while you read.

Social butterflies

The Siamese cat is known to follow their owner around the house and keep tabs on what they’re up to. However, their social nature can be better observed when you have other pets at home.

The Siamese is a physically active breed and requires plenty of exercise to stay happy and at peace. And getting another cat (or two) or even a dog can work wonders on your cat’s mood.

The Siamese possesses high social intelligence and is known to get along quickly with dogs and cats alike. 

Siamese owners even claim that their cats rule the house and often keep the other pets at home in check.

Is the Siamese the most intelligent cat breed?

While Siamese owners claim that their pets are probably the most intelligent cats out there, there’s no conclusive evidence to confirm their claims. 

In fact, there’s another intelligent cat breed, considered to be the smartest among all cats.

The Siamese is not the most intelligent cat breed. The Abyssinian cat, of Egyptian origin, is considered the most intelligent cat breed. These are also perhaps the oldest known cat breed, believed to have been bred in ancient Egypt more than four thousand years ago!

Either way, both breeds are highly intelligent and will infuse your home with lively energy.

Our final thoughts

If you’re planning to bring home a Siamese cat, remember that these are highly sensitive cats with social needs similar to a dog’s. 

They’re more vocally expressive than other breeds and will shower you with love and affection wherever you go.

And while their vocal antics can be a bit excessive at times, their curiosity, ability to understand their owners, and loyalty are all worth it.

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