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tortie point siamese cat

Siamese cats come in various color variations due to their classic pointed fur pattern. But if you have a Tortiepoint Siamese cat, what does that mean about its coat, and what distinguishes it from traditional Siamese cats?

Tortiepoint Siamese cats , (aka Tortoiseshell Siamese) are those with the tortoiseshell pattern (flecks of different colors) on their fur points rather than solid ones. They’re rare since they only result from breeding two Siamese cats of specific colors and have only been around since the 1900s.

Keep reading to discover more about the specific characteristics and traits of Tortiepoint Siamese cats.

This article discusses the physical appearance, personality, health, and other factors associated with this uncommon variation of the ancient Siamese cat breed. Read to the end to get answers to frequently asked questions about this Siamese breed variation.

Tortiepoint Siamese Cat Key Characteristics

Since the Tortiepoint Siamese cat is merely a fur color/pattern variation of the Siamese cat, it shares many of the breed traits and characteristics.

However, due to the genetic process that creates this patterned fur point, some genetic and health differences arise for the Tortiepoint Siamese cat. 

Below, we’re exploring the following factors that characterize this Siamese cat variety: 

  • Origin/History 
  • Appearance
  • Size/weight
  • Breed mix (if applicable)
  • Temperament 
  • Common health issues
Tortiepoint Siamese kitten.

Origins of Tortiepoint Siamese Cats

According to the Cat Fancier’s Association, the Tortiepoint Siamese cat is a “colorpoint shorthair” cat. But other feline associations see the cat as simply a Siamese breed variant. 

The reason for this is that the CFA only recognizes four distinct color variations for Siamese cats; Chocolate Point, Seal Point, Lilac Point, and Blue Point

Like many rare variations of cat breeds, Tortiepoint Siamese cats have not been around for very long. It takes some complex breeding to arrive at this coloration on a Siamese cat and only comes about when the right male and female parent cats are presented. 

Although Siamese cats are ancient and have been around since the 14th century in Thailand, the Tortiepoint variation only came about in the 1940s.

It’s in the genes

To create a Tortoiseshell point coloring on a Siamese cat, a male Siamese cat that doesn’t carry the orange fur gene with a female Siamese cat that does carry the orange fur gene. 

This is really the only way to get Siamese kittens with mottled, Tortie points of orange and black.

Tortiepoint Siamese Cat Appearance

The Tortiepoint Siamese cat looks strikingly similar to Siamese cats with solid points. They are short-haired with sleek, soft, long, and muscular bodies. They have triangular faces, large ears, long pointed tails, and vivid blue eyes

The main difference is that Tortiepoint Siamese cats have flecked coloring on their color points. They still maintain the Siamese classic cream/white coat underneath, with their ears, face, feet, and tail exhibiting coloration.

Most notably, their faces take on the tortoiseshell coloration, mixing blue, seal, and caramel colors. 

Variations of the Tortiepoint

  • Seal (seal brown with red shades)
  • Cinnamon (warm brown with shades of red)
  • Blue (light blue with shades of cream)
  • Fawn (pale brown with cream shades)
  • Chocolate (chocolate brown with red shades)
  • Lilac (pink-gray with cream shades)
what is a tortiepoint siamese cat
Tortiepoint Siamese cats are still purebred Siamese because both parents are Siamese as well.

Tortiepoint Siamese Size and Weight

Tortiepoint Siamese cats weigh about the same and grow to about the same height/length as other Siamese cats. They’re medium-sized cats, generally weighing between 8 and 10 lbs. They’re often between 8-10 inches tall and 11-14 inches long. 

Tortiepoint Siamese Breed Mix

As previously mentioned, the Tortiepoint Siamese breed is a result of breeding two Siamese cats of different color genetics.

The cat, therefore, isn’t a mixed breed, as it’s still considered a purebred Siamese cat at the end of the day. It just happens to have a different color pattern on its fur points. 

The temperament of Tortiepoint Siamese Cats

People often worry that Tortiepoint Siamese cats will be less friendly or more aggressive than other Siamese cats due to the reputation among Tortie cats in general.

Although Tortiepoint Siamese cats are very vocal and needy for attention, they bring a high level of energy and playfulness to a household and are friendly to almost everyone (including children). 

They’re also very compatible with other household pets and may even benefit from the extra attention of having cats and dogs nearby.

This makes them a great choice for busy households where there’s always something going on. Like Siamese cats, Tortie points are great for children or to keep company to senior family members.

Although they’re high-maintenance in terms of needy-ness and attention, they only really need to be groomed by their owners once a week or less often. 

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Tortiepoint Siamese Common Health Issues

Tortiepoint Siamese cats generally live between 12-15 years – a good, long life for a domestic cat. Because they are purebred Siamese cats, they can be prone to certain genetic issues such as gastrointestinal issues, sensitive stomachs, tumors, urinary tract disease, and gum disease. 

The Tortiepoint Siamese cats aren’t really known for any genetic issues specific to their color variation. However, you do have to watch out for Siamese-associated diseases and progressive retinal atrophy, which results in blindness long-term.

Tortiepoint Siamese cat
Tortoisepoint Siamese cats share many of the same character traits with other Siamese cats.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are male Tortiepoint Siamese cats rare?

Male Tortiepoint Siamese cats are pretty rare since mother Tortiepoints almost only give birth to female kittens. When male Tortiepoint Siamese kittens are born, they are also sterile. 

Are Tortiepoint Siamese cats needy?

Because these cats depend on their humans, they will often follow you around and become vocal with their affection. They do not like to spend time alone. 

Are Tortoiseshell cats intelligent?

Tortie cats are generally thought to be very intelligent, although some people believe that this wit comes with a big personality and unpredictability.

Our Final Thoughts

Are you thinking about adding a Siamese kitty to your home and want to know about how Tortiepoint Siamese cats stand out from the rest?

These cats are a color variation of the Siamese cat breed, where the fur points have a speckled (Tortoiseshell) pattern rather than solid coloring. 

Tortiepoint Siamese cats are incredibly smart, loyal, playful, energetic, vocal, and dependent on their owners. They will attach to their humans and befriend pets and people that cross their paths.

Their signature traits that stand out from other Siamese cats include a Tortie pattern on their face, paws, tail, and even their ears. Consider a Tortiepoint Siamese cat today!

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