Are Siamese Cats High Maintenance? –What You Should Know

Applehead Siamese Cat

Are you looking to adopt a furry little Siamese cat soon? Then there are loads to learn about these adorable and intelligent critters.

For starters, if you have a busy schedule, how do you take care of them or are they high-maintenance pets?

Siamese cats are not high maintenance. They just need a lot of attention and love, like the shorthaired kitties at home. They love to be around humans and enjoy it when you touch, pet, and play with them. These cats are also intelligent and quick on their feet, making them a domestic delight.

So why is it a common verdict that Siamese cats are high maintenance?

To understand this better, let us look into their personalities and basic needs and learn more about the pros and cons of maintaining a domestic Siamese cat.

Let us begin!

Why are Siamese cats considered high maintenance?

Siamese cats are considered high maintenance since they need lots of social and interactive activities, genuine companionship, and depend highly on humans. They also demand more playtime, owner’s involvement, cuddles, and affection, for ample mental stimulation. 

Siamese cats are immensely loyal to their human companions and do not behave like regular domestic cats.

With normal cats, you must offer them food and a comfortable place to sleep as daily maintenance. They do not crave much interaction and like to be left alone most of the day. But that is not the case with Siamese cats. 

These cats are loud and proud about their craving for companionship. They are active, socially needy, and love daily interaction.

They are also quick-witted and stubborn, so if you fail to give Siamese cats enough attention, prepare for some loud accusations. They are not your average house cats that can be satiated with mere food, water, standard bathing, and brushing.

That notwithstanding, there is a crucial factor about Siamese cats that refutes the claim about them being high maintenance. And that is their sanitary habits.

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What you need to know about getting a Siamese cat

What do Siamese cats need?

While house cats need regular physical maintenance and cleanliness, you should bathe a Siamese cat twice annually. Various domestic cats need weekly brushing to maintain their fur but Siamese cats require the same once every three months or so due to their short fur.

If you want a Siamese cat in your household, these are the basic requirements you will need to provide it with:

  • Some fun and interactive cat toys to help them keep occupied
  • Healthy foods and daily maintenance for their wellbeing
  • Near-constant attention from you
  • Lots of time with you cuddling, cooing, playing, and talking

Keep in mind that if you do not respond to your Siamese cat’s loud chirping as a sign of demanding attention, there can be consequences. 

Since they are needy, a lack of awareness can have them knocking over your household items to gain your glance. Human absence can be intolerable for them and make them feel agitated. So all they need is for you to give them tender love and care.

General personality traits of a Siamese cat

Suppose you want to adopt an adult Siamese cat or kitten-proof your home for one, you better learn all you can about them beforehand. 

Other than being loyal, cute, and needy, Siamese cats have some unique traits that make them the star of every household! Let us check out a few of these personality traits:

Siamese Cats Are Chatty and Meowy Kitties!

If your morning meditation is halted thanks to sudden and abrupt mews and chirps, your Siamese cat is demanding some undivided attention. As lovable pets,

Siamese cats are chatty and love to mew around the house to let everyone know they need attention. They love to be vocal; make sure you know they are around and be adorably talkative all day long. 

These cats, unlike regular domesticated house cats, do not prioritize their privacy. Instead, they love ensuring that you stay as close to them as possible most of the day.

Their conversational trait makes them more unique than the regular cats we see who like to hide and sleep alone, away from their owners. 

Siamese cats have many ways of showing their presence through their mews and their high-volume energy can keep you quite occupied.

If you have recently moved out, are living alone, but find the newfound silence too exhausting, Siamese cats can be your friend. Their constant calls for attention can fill your day with non-stop activities at home. With them, you will always have someone to talk to.

Sometimes, their yelling might be off-putting to you. So before getting one as a pet, ensure to establish whether you are comfortable with the noise level. 

Siamese kitten
Siamese cats are beautiful but need lots of love and attention

Siamese cats can be trained

You might not have much luck if you want to adopt a Siamese cat mainly to make silly videos.

These cats are highly intelligent and quick on their wits, making it totally possible to train them to do simple tricks.

Their ability to learn new skills quickly helps them to pick up on what you want to teach them quickly. But, you must keep it interesting and entertaining for them otherwise they’ll lose interest.

If you play fun and interactive games, they will catch on to your act quickly and enjoy spending more real-time with you as a companion.

For example, try out some great interactive toys to engage them while you finish some chores. Since these cats cannot tolerate staying alone, some great toys and genuine engagement can help them learn new skills, games, and more. 

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Siamese cats like active stimulation

If you think all cats hate physical affection, Siamese cats exist to refute this idea. Simply put, most Siamese cats love scratches, pets, cuddles, sweet talks, playtime, and everything actively stimulating.

So if you want to get some friendly, playful toys tat will not bore your Siamese quickly, choose the most exciting ones, such as:

These cats love having stuff to jump on, chase, bite, pull, and interact with, which helps them stay active and energetic throughout the day! Moreover, filling their playtime with these toys can keep them occupied and give you some alone time. 

They crave love and affection

In many ways, Siamese cats are like dogs.

Most of them love the attention they receive and thrive best within it. They love warm embraces, sweet talk, long-playing hours, and various other activities that keep them stimulated.

You might find your cat jumping over several pieces of furniture out of some unknown excitement. 

If you are unable to provide ample time for your cat, you might have them:

  • Jumping on your lap
  • Giving you taps
  • Kissing your face, and
  • Meowing at your face

Of course, some Siamese cats also prefer staying alone and sleeping, which makes them similar to other regular domesticated cats.

How does a Siamese cat feel without attention?

A Siamese cat that lacks attention feels psychologically deprived of the love and affection it craves from its owner, i.e., you. It can become distant and moody as time passes. So, if you wish to adopt a Siamese cat, ask yourself, “will I have enough time to nurture its needs?”  

You will see some changes in your adopted Siamese kitty if you fail to shower it with love and engaging activities. If your cat does not receive enough time and love from you, it might mentally distance itself at first and become less active. 

Many Siamese cats also respond to isolation by meowing loudly, following you around, or knocking over something random to gain your undivided attention. 

The cat will soon display frustration and irritation over not receiving enough cuddles or playtime if you are not attentive to it throughout the day.

If you continue to alienate your Siamese cat from its much-needed social and active life due to your busy schedule, you might end up deteriorating its mental health

Functional stimulation through interaction and affection is crucial for these cats. Without these, they will feel anxious and depressed, which in turn can affect their health in the long run.

Moreover, it might entirely change their behavior and social energy, making them more recluse and lonely.

chocolate point siamese
Siamese cats are smart and witty; they love learning tricks!

How to know if your Siamese cat is happy?

A happy Siamese cat will not be shy in showing their love and affection for you.

For example, if they love sitting on your laptop or sleeping next to you in bed, these cats trust you. Happy cats are also regularly groomed and love to keep themselves nice and clean. They are also more energetic.

While most cats do not enjoy being around loud toddlers, Siamese cats love the company of young children. They love playing with kids, chasing them around playfully, and enjoying quality time with the little angels. These cats also do not chirp much, especially if you give them ample time and attention.

Most Siamese cats behave like dogs and enjoy all the love and care they receive. They love energetic activities, interactive toys, owner playtime, and many other fun-filled plans. They do not need extra food and sleep, but an active lifestyle is a must. 

Are You a Perfect Siamese Cat Owner?

You are a perfect Siamese cat owner if you have ample time to cater to your kitty’s every whim. You should be spending enough quality time with them while exercising lots of patience. These cats are not ideal companions for those who work nine to five and return home late. 

If you are a full-time professional, you might find the cat’s constant mews aggravating after a busy day. So before saying yes to adopting a Siamese cat, check out if you meet the following criteria:

You have enough time

A Siamese cat will crave love and attention from you most of the time. If you are a nine-to-five professional without much time for your cat, consider not going ahead with the adoption.

Your cat will constantly need cuddles, affection, and playtime. Not receiving these might make it feel down and secluded, adversely affecting the kitty’s help.

You are a patient human being

A Siamese cat at home will never have a dull or quiet moment. So if you like much-needed quiet after a long office day, Siamese cats might not cut that deal. These cats love to purr, mew, and scream all day long to make their identities known!

Owning a Siamese cat: benefits and drawbacks

They are a great pet for extrovert folksThey do not stop meowing when angry and alone
They are loving and protectiveThese cats are ideal for WFH full-timers, but not nine-to-five busy professionals
Their grooming requirements are minimalYou need to keep them entertained or they will feel lonely and bored.

Our final thoughts

In conclusion, Siamese cats are not high-maintenance pets. Their need for food and love is similar to any other cat. The only striking difference is their dependency on humans for love, affection, and playtime. 

As a social kitty, the Siamese cat will love long walks, exciting, and interactive toys to keep them occupied. So if you want to adopt a Siamese cat, ensure that your partner and the house, in general, are ready for your new furry companion!

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