Lilac Point Siamese Cats – A Comprehensive Overview

lilac point siamese cat

Cats are a big part of any pet owner’s life, offering endless hours of entertainment and companionship. A cat’s standoffishness might be off-putting to some, but some breeds, like the Siamese, are extremely friendly and affectionate towards their owners.

If you’re drawn to the look of the Lilac Point Siamese cat, then you might be wondering what their origin is, how their temperament is, and how adaptable they are to different lifestyles.

Lilac Point Siamese cats are the result of a cross between a Chocolate Point and a Blue Point Siamese, and they are recognizable by their creamy coloring, cerulean blue eyes, and grey-shaded ears and paws. 

There’s a lot more that goes into the look, personality, and character of a Lilac Point Siamese than first meets the eye. We’ll dive into these details in the rest of this article.

An Overview of the Lilac Point Siamese

Let’s dive into the main characteristics of this beautiful breed. Below we’ll give an overview of the following topics:

  • What does a Lilac Point Siamese cat look like?
  • What is their character?
  • Common health issues
  • Life expectancy

Appearance of the Lilac Point Siamese

If you’ve ever seen a Lilac Point Siamese, then you’ll immediately be entranced by their sky-blue eyes and creamy coat.

The grey patches on the face can range from just a tiny bit on the nose to a whole mask of grey, making those beautiful blue eyes shine that much brighter.

This breed boasts beautiful grey coloring throughout the body, dependent to some degree on the genetics of the parents, of course.

lilac point siamese
Lilac Point Siamese cat

Their color points do not contrast with their bodies as much as for other Siamese variations, such as the chocolate point. Instead, their color points are more nuanced.

Like all SIamese cats, the Lilac point has a slender and muscular body. They’re about 8 to 10 inches tall and can be 11 up to 24 inches long. They’re not the heaviest of cats with a body weight of only about 8-10 pounds.

Lilac Point Siamese cats – Character

These cats are also an excellent choice for anyone seeking companionship.

The Lilac Point is an affectionate breed, although not so much as other variants of Siamese cats, and they will tend to want to be involved in whatever you are doing.

Siamese cats are also very talkative, and the Lilac Point doesn’t differ from that mold at all.

Whether it’s to complain about not being fed yet or chattering to you from the countertop, Siamese cats are always expressing their opinions.

Theatrical and comical, the Lilac Point offers wonderful companionship and is a real sweetheart.

Siamese cats, the Lilac Point included, are chatterboxes and love to trill, chirp, and purr in your presence for a variety of reasons.

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Lilac Point Siamese Are Love Bugs

As with any Siamese cat, the Lilac Point is very demanding of attention, and if you aren’t there to meet your cat’s need for love, affection, and play, they will get bored, naughty, and cranky.

Always set aside time to play with your Lilac Point―they need the stimulation. In addition, try to avoid turning down your Lilac Point’s attempt to initiate cuddle time with you. But let’s be honest, what is better than having your cat curling up on your lap or head nuzzling your legs?

A Siamese’s need for attention

Your Lilac Point needs reciprocation of love and attention to live a happy and well-balanced life. Siamese cats who are left to fend for themselves get bored and annoyed and will likely engage in more of the ‘naughty’ behaviors that we disapprove of.

Make sure you have active playtime with your feline friend on a regular basis. A minimum of 30-45 minutes per day would be great.

This doesn’t always have to be active play, cuddling should be part of this as well.

Also, consider setting up a few scratch posts around the house so that your cat has somewhere proper to have a good scratch.

Siamese cats do exceptionally well with other cats and even dogs. If you’re away from home regularly, it’s a great idea to get a companion for your Siamese to keep them occupied.

lilac point siamese cat
Young adult lilac Thai cat standing side ways, looking towards camera with dark blue eyes

Common Health Issues for Lilac Point Siamese Cats

Like with all pets, there is always a risk of your cat getting sick. Providing a healthy lifestyle for your Siamese should be a priority however, like all purebred cats, there are some conditions that Siamese cats are more prone to than other breeds.

Siamese cats are prone to respiratory infections, especially at a young age. Be on the look out for lesions and ulcers around the facial area, nasal discharge, and limping. Other symptoms of concern include inflammation and fever.

Siamese cats are also susceptible to some diseases that target the nervous system, including psychogenic alopecia, which is an obsessive-compulsive disorder that causes them to groom incessantly.

If you notice your cat grooming to the point that their skin becomes irritated, consider looking into this issue further.

A Lilac Point Siamese cat may develop this disease in response to chronic stress or a traumatic psychological event.

A rare, but dangerous condition that’s prevalent in the Siamese breed is cardiomyopathy, or feline heart disease, which can lead to various heart conditions. Any of the following symptoms are concerning and warrant a quick trip to the vet:

  • Fainting
  • Trouble breathing
  • Prolonged loss of appetite
  • Heart murmurs
  • Changes in heart rhythm

Another condition is common in Siamese cats is vestibular disease, which can cause your cat to lose their balance and appear disoriented.

siamese cat at vet
A vet examining a Siamese cat.

Siamese cat life expectancy

All in all, however, Siamese cats are pretty strong compared to some other purebred cats. The fact that Siamese cats are naturally occuring versus bred by humans gives them a healthy physique.

The average life expectancy of a Siamese cat is 11 to 15 years but it’s not uncommon for them to reach a ripe age of 20 when living a healthy life.

Our Final Thoughts

The Lilac Point Siamese is a beautiful cross of the Chocolate Point and Blue Point Siamese cats and retains all of the wonderful characteristics of other Siamese breeds.

Although they’re generally considered to be somewhat less affectionate than other Siamese cats, you won’t be strapped for attention with the Lilac Point either.

They make a wonderful addition to most households, getting along great with other cats, dogs, and children when properly introduced and with healthy socialization.

Their beautiful coloring, wonderful personality, and theatrical antics make the Lilac Point Siamese cat a good candidate for a forever friend.

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