All About Chocolate Point Siamese Cats

chocolate point Siamese cat

Siamese cats are famous for their blue eyes, cream coats, and bold color point markings. One of these distinct markings is the chocolate point, which is not always easy to differentiate from the seal point.

Continue reading to discover the traits and characteristics that define the Chocolate Siamese cat. And learn how to distinguish between a chocolate point and a seal point Siamese.

What Are Chocolate Point Siamese Cats?

The Chocolate Point Siamese is a rare breed that has existed since the 1880s and bore a close resemblance to the seal point. It wasn’t until the 1950s that the chocolate point became officially recognized as a separate Siamese color variation, whereas before, they were considered a ‘weak Seal Point.’

Today, breeders acknowledge the beauty of this rare Siamese color variation.

Owners love these furry companions’ affectionate and friendly natures.

The origins of the Chocolate Point

The Chocolate Siamese cat is a scarce breed that people once thought of as a poor variation of the Seal Point. 

However, when a group of breeders got together to establish the brown hues of the Chocolate Point, this type of Siamese finally gained official recognition.

Like other variants of Siamese cats, this type originates from Thailand, formerly known as ‘Saim’.

In the 14th century, a work of manuscript called the “Tamra Maew” translated as “The Cat Book Poems,” was written that included descriptions of the cats we now know to be Siamese cats. 

These cats were (and still are) known for their elegance, physical beauty, and clever mind, and they still are. 

The Thai people believe that when a family member dies, their soul enters the body of a Siamese cat. As a result, these cats were held in very high esteem amongst royal families and are still very popular in Thailand.

chocolate point siamese

Characteristics of a Chocolate Point Siamese Cat

Height range8-10 inches
Weight range8 -12 pounds
Life Expectancy15-20 years
TemperamentLoyal, Affectionate, Playful, Cuddly
Good withFamilies, Children, Multi-animal households
Shedding AmountLow
Coat LengthShort
Coat ColorsIvory
Coat PatternsLight pink-brown color points that resemble the color of milk chocolate

What does a Chocolate Point Siamese look like?

The body of a Chocolate Point Siamese is ivory white, and their points are chocolate brown.

The chocolate color of the ears should be darker than that of the face mask, while the nose and paws are a shade lighter brown with pinkish hues. The paws of a Chocolate Point Siamese are paler than those of a Seal Point.

Some Chocolate points may possess a cinnamon tone to their coat, though this is pretty uncommon. Another outstanding characteristic of this beautiful variation is their vivid light blue eyes piercing out of their chocolate-brown face.

Telling the difference between a Chocolate Point and a Seal Point Siamese

The Chocolate and Seal Point Siamese cats are very similar in appearance. So similar that the former was not recognized as a separate type until the 1950s.

For this reason, untrained eyes often have difficulty telling them apart. However, there are a few key differences by which you can tell them apart.

Chocolate PointSeal Point
Ivory-colored bodyCream-colored body
Points are a warm brown (like milk chocolate)Much darker brown points
Pinkish huesSome shading. Still, clearly brown
Does not change color as they ageThe color of the body may darken over time

What does a Chocolate Point look like as a kitten?

At birth, all Siamese kittens are snowy white; as they mature, you will start to see the colorpoints develop. Usually, this happens as they mature after around 6 to 8 weeks. 

However, it is still virtually impossible to tell the difference between a Chocolate Point or a Seal Point at this age.

Chocolate Point’s character traits

The Chocolate Point’s character is very similar to other variations of Siamese cats because it enjoys human company and plenty of playtime.

This breed is a friendly and energetic one that will happily play alongside you all day, chatting away as they do so. These cats love to play games and solve puzzles thanks to their high intelligence, seemingly never getting tired.

And, like other Siamese cats, the Chocolate Point is a huge attention seeker and will do whatever it needs to get attention from its owner, including a host of silly antics that will keep you entertained for hours.

Training takes time and patience, but the Chocolate Point can learn how to “give paw,” sit, and come when called, among other commands.

The Chocolate Point loves to be in the company of humans and can become depressed if left alone for too long. They are ideally suited for family homes and will happily integrate with children and other pets.

Common health issues of a Chocolate Point Siamese

The Chocolate Point Siamese is generally a cat of good health that, with proper care, can live for around 15-20 years which is quite a bit longer than other purebreds.

However, they may be prone to a few health conditions that you’ll want to monitor. These include:

Taking care of a Chocolate Point Siamese cat

Looking after a Chocolate Point Siamese is easy as long as you can make the time and commitment to be a suitable companion to this friendly cat.

With high energy levels and barrels of personality, the Chocolate Point Siamese cat needs a home where they will receive plenty of love and attention from their humans. These cats love to frolic and joke around, but they need an audience to appreciate their antics.

Not only that, Chocolate Points love to chat, so you’ll need to be a good conversationalist to keep up with this feline. And, if you intend to keep your cat indoors, you’ll need to ensure that you have enough space to provide adequate enrichment for your Chocolate Point.

These cats love to jump, climb, and goof around, so having a couple of climbing trees and a range of toys is essential.

Are chocolate point Siamese cats good as a pet?

The Chocolate Point Siamese cat is an excellent pet for owners looking for a fun and vibrant companion. This breed does require a decent portion of your time and attention, but they will reward you with lots of love and endless hours of entertainment.

Our final thoughts.

Though some people confuse the Chocolate Point with the Seal Point, these are two distinct cat breeds. You’ll recognize the former by its milk chocolate hues and pink nose and paws. This breed is a rare and exquisite cat with a fantastic personality to match.

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