Wonder if Russian Blue Cats Are Cuddly Enough For You?

Russian blue being petted

Cat enthusiasts love the Russian Blue Cat breed for its beautiful blue-gray color, bright green eyes, and relatively low-maintenance coat, but Russian Blues have their drawbacks, too.

Are Russian Blue Cats cuddly for a family who wants an affectionate cat?

Russian Blue cats are very loyal and loving cats. They like to cuddle with their owner or people they know well but are shyer towards strangers. While they enjoy cuddling, they also like being alone and finding a quiet spot away from everyone. As a comparison, Russian Blues score ‘medium’ on the cuddly scale.

In this article, learn more about the Russian Blue’s temperament, how it likes to be handled and treated, and how to make the most out of your relationship with this adorable and popular house pet.

Russian blue cats are cuddly
Russian Blue cats are loyal to their human and love to cuddle with them.

Do Russian Blue Cats Like to Cuddle?

Russian Blue cats like to cuddle and play. They are a docile breed that prefers to be around family. You can expect them to get along well with children and other house pets once they get used to them.

Russian Blue Cats are often called lap cats because they prefer to be nuzzled up by their humans. They may even follow their owners around the house until said owner finally takes a seat.

Then, they’ll nuzzle right in, sitting by their human’s side, on their lap, or even under their blanket to watch a movie.

Also, Russian Blue Cats prefer to sleep with their owners in bed. Don’t expect to sleep in, though: while these cats like to snuggle, they also prefer a routine, and they’ll wake you up early to be fed.

Since Russian Blue Cats are so calm and loyal, they make great companion pets for the elderly. They are easy to train and shouldn’t wreak havoc on a household while their owners are away.

Russian Blue Cat Behavior

Russian Blue Cats are loyal, shy with strangers, playful, routine-oriented, and easy to train.


Russian Blues are known to attach themselves fiercely to one person, which is why they make great companion animals for house-bound and single people.

This breed has been known to follow its owner around the house and greet owners warmly when they arrive home.

Russian blue cat cuddling in bed
Russian Blue cats love to sleep together In bed with their humans.


Russian Blue Cats can be very shy at first with new people, including their new owners and guests.

Strangers will be observed from a distance for some time, but once they are deemed safe. the Russian Blue will gradually let their guard down and come closer to get acquainted.


Since Russian Blues love mental stimulation, they are very playful cats. While they prefer to play with their humans and have plenty of toys, they can also entertain themselves while their owners work during the day.

Russian Cats should be provided with many toys, including balls, puzzles, and feathers (but monitor them closely). They’re also known to get into the occasional stack of papers or paper bags and can destroy things if they get bored.

Consider games of hide and seek that stimulate Russian Blues’ hunting instinct. They will love it and try to sneak up on you while you hide.


Russian Blue Cats are sticklers for a schedule, so those not used to having a daytime and nighttime routine should probably consider a different breed of cat.

Russian Blues do not do well with changes to their routine. They prefer to wake up at exactly the same time each day and will bug their owners to also get out of bed so they can be fed according to schedule.

Similarly, they’ll want to play with their owners simultaneously each day, and they get testy if their owner switches up the schedule for a day or two.

Easy to Train

Russian Blues are very intelligent cats and are therefore easy to train

They respond well to stimulation and praise, and they’re naturally curious, so they’ll enjoy training sessions with their owner if they’re rewarded properly.

You can even teach a Russian Blue to fetch (yes, just like a dog)!

Russian Blues are intelligent cats can be trained.

Desire Cleanliness

Russian Blue Cats emphasize cleanliness, both of themselves and their space.

Because they keep themselves very clean and since they have a short coat that doesn’t shed a lot, Russian Blues do not need a lot of grooming. A good brush every week or so is sufficient.

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In addition, always keep a Russian Blue’s litter box immaculate. This breed will not go anywhere near their litter box if it is dirty, meaning they’ll find another place in their owners’ home to use the toilet.

Final Thoughts

The Russian Blue Cat is a cuddly companion animal that makes a great pet for single people, homebound elderly, and families – even families with other pets! Their patient, loyal, curious nature makes them easy and enjoyable to train, and they appreciate a strict schedule, especially regarding feeding and playtime.

Russian Blue Cats have no problem settling in on the couch or bed with their owner and thrive best as indoor lap cats.

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