Why we Recommend Chewy.com

Throughout the Cat & Friends website, you may come across our recommendations for cat products on Chewy.com. We wholeheartedly recommend their products and support their business.

Here’s why:

  • Chewy.com offers products from a huge catalog with over 2000 brands
  • They offer 24/7 expert support
  • They have an unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee on all orders
  • They give back to the community by donating items to local shelter and rescues

Why we prefer Chewy over Amazon

Sure, you can get most of your pet needs on Amazon with next-day delivery. However, behind the scenes, you actually deal with hundreds of individual sellers who sell their goods on the Amazon platform.

This makes it a great place for competition and low prices however, quality control and customer service often suffer. We have also found that for cat food and treats that are subject to an expiry date, the sellers on Amazon often sell goods very close to the expiry date. This is often caused by the fact that their goods sell typically slower and sit in the Amazon warehouses for months before being sold.

Chewy.com is our go-to for everything we need for our cat and they have never let us down.

How Chewy.com supports Cat & Friends

Cat & Friends earns a small commission on qualifying sales on the Chewy.com platform, which are referred through us. This is as no extra cost to you and it helps to support our –all volunteer– operation here at Cat & Friends. It is a great way to support our efforts and help us pay for our webhosting and other cost we make to keep our website up.

Thank you!