These Are The 10 Most Trainable Cat Breeds

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Contrary to popular opinion, cat training isn’t impossible. Also, it’s a great and fun way to build a powerful bond with your cat. 

Dogs may be the kings of pet training, but cats are highly intelligent and perfectly able to learn tricks. You just have to go about it differently. 

While all cats can be trained, Some breeds are more trainable than others. Below, we’ll look at the most trainable cat breeds. 

Can cats be trained?

All cats are highly intelligent and can be trained to perform tricks or specific tasks. However, Their personality, curiosity, and adaptability often dictate how easily or quickly they respond to training. These characteristics are often linked to a cat’s breed, and therefore some cat breeds are more trainable than others.

Unlike dogs, cats don’t have the built-in urge to please their owner. Whereas a dog will easily perform certain tasks for its boss, cats aren’t wired in the same way.

The key to training a cat

For a cat to learn (or be taught) something, it needs to be beneficial to them. A cat will always approach it from the perspective of “what’s in it for me?”.


A lot of dedication and repetition is needed. Also, consistency is vital. 

If you’re serious about training your cat, set up a training schedule with several training sessions of about 1 hour a couple of times a week. 

Set achievable milestones to keep it fun and repeat them often. If your cat is not in the mood, try another time, don’t force it. 

Reward system

Keeping that in mind and implementing a clear reward system is the key to successful cat training. When the desired behavior is displayed, rewarding with food or treats is often very successful. Clicker training is also very successful with cats.


Additionally, it will stimulate your cat mentally and build a stronger bond between the two of you. Instead of trying to teach your kitty something, take the opportunity as playtime, and it will be fun for both of you.

Playtime with your cat is essential and beneficial to both cat and cat-parent. It has also proven to help in getting rid of unwanted behavior.

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Factors that influence success

Before we begin, you must know that all cats have the necessary intelligence to learn tricks and habits. While we can generalize characteristics of specific cat breeds, exceptions are plentiful.

When training your feline to walk on a leash, play fetch, or not scratch your couch, breed and personality can help, but several other factors can influence how successful you are. 

For example;

  • The relationship between the both of you
  • Your cat’s willingness to collaborate
  • Consistency 
  • Your patience
  • Whether training is fun and useful for your cat

If learning tricks is something you want to spend time on with your kitty, you’ll be most successful with one of the cat breeds below.

What’s the most trainable cat breed?

1. Siamese cats

Firstly, we have the famous Siamese cats. This energetic and curious cat is always eager to play and learn. They’re full of energy, so you will find them exploring the house, playing, and finding out things by themselves.

The affectionate Siamese personality demands a lot of attention, so you might as well spend some time teaching them things. Siamese cats love this! 

siamese cat
Siamese cats are smart and curious

Thanks to their intelligence and determination, they can learn fun tricks quickly and efficiently.

Siamese cats love leash training, play sessions, and attention from their owners. When you gain their trust, they will stay loyal to you. The Siamese is a people pleaser and, because of that,  one of the most effortless cat breeds to train.

2. Abyssinian cat

If cat training is your passion, getting one or two Abyssinians into your house is a great decision. 

These fun and outgoing cats love to climb, chase, and exercise! The Abyssinian isn’t for you if you prefer a more relaxed and laid-back cat; however, this high-energy cat breed is ideal for cat training.

Abyssinians love exercise

Abyssinians love human contact and are very affectionate. They crave constant affection and interaction, so what’s better than to use that time to teach them a few tricks. 

Their playful and energetic nature makes them love activities like catching toys and leash walking.

They don’t only have a lot of energy and a friendly attitude; they’re also smart. This is the right combination that makes them a trainable cat breed. 

Remember that Abyssinians require constant interaction. Because of this, they are ideal cats for a family. Also, owners often get them in pairs to enjoy each other’s company and always have a playmate.

3. Bengal cats

If you need a trainable cat breed to play and interact with constantly, meet the Bengal. This exotic cat loves to stay active and play a lot! 

That’s why it’s an ideal breed if you’re looking for a cat to teach them tricks. The Bengals are curious, so don’t expect them to stay quiet in a single spot. They have a lot of energy they want to release, so be prepared!

bengal cat
Bengal cats love human company and interaction

These cats like to play rough and receive constant playtime. When you combine that with their high intelligence, you can see why they’re perfect for training. Play-related tricks (like fetch) work well with this breed.

Get ready for this breed and its enthusiastic personality. You need to find games and toys to keep it entertained and stimulate it. Finally, Bengals also love human company, so remember to pet them and bond with them.

4. Ragdoll

Ragdolls are some of the largest cat breeds in the world! 

Their name comes from their relaxed posture and attitude, similar to a ragdoll. This means that Ragdolls aren’t as energetic as some of the other cat breeds on this list. 

They make up for this by being super-loyal and affectionate. This is what makes them ideal for training.

ragdoll cat
Ragdoll cats respond well to commands

Their loyal and attentive nature makes them respond well to commands. These lap cats are smart and obedient enough to perform tasks to please their owner.

 Having a Ragdoll is a good idea if you incline more toward a relaxed kitten in your house. However, they also need constant attention, so remember to give them love and praise.

5. Savannah cat

Savannahs are another superb trainable breed worth mentioning. 

They have a playful and curious nature which sometimes gets them in trouble. On the other hand, they are active, clever, and respond well to commands.

savannah cat
Savannah cats are intelligent and playful

This breed needs to be kept occupied with toys and other play-things; otherwise, it will find undesirable ways to release that energy. Think about your curtains, rug, or couch.

Savannahs are curious and intelligent cats that want to play with you regularly; this makes them ideal for training.

6. American Shorthair

If you don’t prefer the outgoing energy of an Abyssinian or a Siamese, or if you don’t think a laidback Ragdoll is for you, then it’s a great idea if you consider getting an American Shorthair. 

american shorthair
American Shorthairs are quick learners

Their breed is known for its adaptable, patient, and tolerant nature.

American Shorthairs learn to observe your patterns and can obey commands like no other. You can teach them tricks without using too much of your energy, and they will enjoy it. 

Having an American Shorthair is having a semi-relaxed cat. They love playing but are not as demanding as some other cat breeds.

American Shorthairs are also quick learners. Their mental capacity, intelligence, and attentive personality will captivate you and your family. They respond great to positive reinforcement and, with this, learn to obey your commands!

7. Turkish Van

Turkish Vans are friendly and social cats! 

They love spending time with their owners and are very affectionate. This breed enjoys exploring your house and is very gymnastic, constantly climbing and looking for high places from which to observe.

turkish van
Turkish Vans love to be around humans and to play

Turkish Vans also love to play with water which is unique among cats. You can often find them wanting to join you in the shower.

Turkish Vans have a vital aspect that makes them great for training: their curiosity. 

As long as you can get your kitty to concentrate and have a structure and a good reward system, you can teach them tricks and habits. 

Turkish Vans love to be around humans and play with them, so you can use that opportunity to teach them a new trick or two.

8. Maine Coon

A Maine Coon is a cat with the most dog-like personality. Their large size can be intimidating, but they are among the sweetest cats.

The Maine Coon is incredibly smart and willing to please its owner. This large-sized fluffy cat comes with a disposition for pet training.

maine coon
A Maine Coon has a dog-like personality

Maine Coons can smoothly adapt to any situation. Their silly and relaxed personalities will keep you entertained every day. This breed is ideal if you prefer cats that aren’t vocal, aren’t needy, but still want to play from time to time.

Maine Coons love spending time with their humans, which provides an excellent opportunity for training. 

These cats learn quickly and will adapt their behaviors to your commands. If they have a decent level of trust in you, training them won’t be a complicated matter.

9. Ocicat

Thanks to its adaptability and intelligence, the Ocicat is also one of the best trainable cat breeds.

The Ocicat is a breed related to the Abyssinian, the Siamese, and the American Shorthair. 

Their unique genetic combination makes them lovely cats that love to play and spend time with humans.

Ocicats are known for being adventurous and loyal. They will follow you wherever you go and learn to adapt quickly. They’re as energetic as most cats on this list and eager to learn new tricks. 

As long as you have patience and determination, training an Ocicat will be a rewarding task that will be fun for both of you. 

Consider an Ocicat if you love energetic, adaptable, and friendly cats. They also crave time and attention, so keep that in mind.

10. Somali

Last on the list: we have the Somali. 

They’re fluffy cats that you can hug and caress. Somali cats are curious and love to learn new things from their environment. It’s normal to find them exploring, running around, and doing tricks without you even asking.

They have a playful and silly nature, so be gentle with them. If you know how to direct their energy and intelligence, you can do wonders with them.

The combination of intelligence, energy, and curiosity always leads to a trainable cat.

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